Friday, 21 April 2017

Francisco Leiro

Francisco Leiro is a Spanish sculptor whose carved figures have great power and dynamism. His figures have a bulk, often rough cubicity, that matched with the emotional sensitivity of their expressions and body language makes them a force of nature. Thank you Dom.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Corvin Cristian

Corvin Cristian in his range TAKÎM has used culinary implements as his inspiration for this range of brushed Romanian oak chairs.
"Our range of furniture is the result of extensive experience in the field of restaurant and bar interior design. We are trying to fill in gaps we noticed in the HoReCa dedicated furniture such as the right balance between price and uniqueness, sense of solidity and permanency.Usually, there is a reverse ratio between the technology used in one product and its uniqueness, as technology; in order to be effective requires mass production and standardization. We addressed this issue by relying on craftsmanship rather than technology and adapted the design to artisan skills to be found in small workshops in Transylvania and to locally sourced materials.
Transylvania (“the land of the forest”) was until 20 years ago an important producer of wooden furniture. After the revolution, the furniture industry faded away but some tradition still survives and we are confident it can be revived."
Corvin Cristian

Thursday, 23 March 2017

John Byam

John Byam (1929-2013) was many things in his life, including a railway worker and service man, but is often stated to be a grave digger in his own time though he carved and drew. John's primitive carving assemblages are fascinating and compelling, they are so human in their flimsy nature and their observation. John used a mix of sawdust and glue which often give his works a freshly made look and soft focus.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Francesca Mook Crisafulli

A wondrous chest dog by illustrator and designer Francesca Mook Crisafulli who makes beautiful poetic sculptures from discarded objects and materials.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Hanid Specialist Tools

Hanid Specialist tools is a small team manufacturing quality specialist wooden tools for craftspeople. Each tool is handmade and can be made to your specific needs. Haid Specialist tools is based in Lowestoft but you can also order online top to bottom Mallets, Bangle Mandril, Gravers and Iroko Mandrils.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Hélène Barrier

French textile artist Hélène Barrier has recently turned her attention upon furniture including a mattress Hélène has made these objects into unique art objects by hand embellishing them with embroidery. The mattress is over 100 hours of work, the chair is over 400 hours.
"Beyond recycling, the important basis of my work is to transform the object, to take it elsewhere, to other areas. The fabric keeps in mind the history of the object. Each piece is unique, and often made to order." Hélène Barrier

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Carmen Machado Textiles

Carmen Machado is using gathered nylon rope and fishing line and incorporating this into the new 'fabric' of her chairs. The result is a beautiful archiving of these treacherous plastics and removal of them from the marine environment.

“The use of many unregulated and invasive practices like trawling, long line fishing and seine nets, not only strip marine organisms of any chance of survival but harm non-target species as well. The actual netting, fishing line, traps and equipment have become another issue through improper discarding which ends up back in the ocean and continues to “ghost fish” and/or be ingested by marine animals and birds.” Carmen V Machado